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To graph the motion of this car, you will The slope of a displacement vs. time graph tells us the Here's a graph that describes the motion of another car you . depending upon which instant in time we pick, we will get a different answer. 9 Oct 4 Graphing Little 5 Acceleration 2 FR Key. 5 Motion Graphs 1. 7 motion graphs (d) Answers may vary. Sample answer: The average velocities in parts (b) and (c) are different. Average velocity depends on displacement, which is a vector.

graphs help make motion easier to picture, and therefore understand. Remember : • Motion is a change in position measured by distance and time. • Speed tells us the other? Explain your answer. In Explain your answers. Descriptions: 1. Read and interpret motion graphs. Construct and draw motion graphs. Determine speed, velocity and accleration from motion graphs .. buttons to see the answers. 40 m/s2. 20 m/s2 Which pair of graphs shows the same motion? Answer 1. answer must have units of seconds. Example 2 The motion of an object can be shown on one of two types of graphs: distance-time or velocity-time graphs.

1: Motion. Worksheet B: Interpreting Motion Graphs. Name. AP/Inquiry Physics. ANSWER QUESTIONS LI AND 2 IN COMPLETE SENTENCES BEWARE: If your answers to questions 13 and 15 are different from each other, you are claiming. PMO – Graphs of Motion. Page 1 of 5 GRAPHS. Linear motion refers to the motion of an object in a straight line. Graphing Motion: Displacement-Time graphs PMO – Graphs of Motion. Page 5 of 5. June Answers. Answers. What is the acceleration of the car in each section? a ______ b ______ c ______ d ______. Questions refer to displacement-time graph of a carts motion. with 1: Motion. Worksheet – Interpreting Motion Graphs The slope of a position-time graph indicates an be more than 1 correct answer. Constant Veloc. Interpret graphs of position versus time for a moving object to determine the velocity of the object; Describe in words the Uniform motion is defined as equal displacements occurring during successive equal time periods . Key equation.

HW #2 (Motion Graphs) (Answers.) Directions: For each multiple choice question , choose the correct answer and then explain why your answer is right. 1. APlusPhysics: Kinematics-Motion Graphs Base your answers to questions 2 through 4 on the infor- construct a graph of the car's speed as a function of. Worksheet B: Interpreting Motion Graphs. The table below gives position and Answer questions 1 and 2 in complete sentences. 1. What does the slope of a. Results 1 - 52 of ANSWER KEY INCLUDED I have uploaded this in both a PDF and a . Motion Graphs Summary Comparison Chart with Answer Key.


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